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Property-MaintenanceWhen you hire professionals you should expect professional service and results. Natures Elite keeps up with all of the newest equipment to ensure your property is maintained in a professional looking manner. We own a bed shaper, bed edger which can be used to form new beds or to re-define existing shrub beds. Whatever the job is, you can rest assured that the certified Professionals at Natures Elite will make sure the job is done right.

Property Maintenance!

dethating2Beautiful lawns do not just happen by accident; they take a lot of work time and experience. Two of the most important parts of having a beautiful healthy lawn are Aeration and dethatching. Aeration and dethatching are two things that will help encourage new root growth and allow your lime and fertilizer to reach the root zone where it will do the most good for your lawn. Aeration relieves the compacted soil and allows the grass roots to spread, which will allow your lawn to thicken up, and dethatching removes all of the materials that are on top of your grass that won’t let the fertilizer and lime reach the root system. Aeration and dethatching are just a couple of things Natures Elite Landscaping team of professionals will do as part of your property maintenance.

Shrub and bed maintenance

SHRUB AND BED MAINTENANCEShrub and bed maintenance on some properties are a full time job. That’s why some of the largest and most well-kept Homeowners Associations in the New Hampshire Lakes Region have hired us to keep their properties looking great. When you arrive on vacation or just for a long weekend, you want to see that your money is being well spent. You will be proud to tell friends that your property is maintained by Natures Elite Landscaping, your professional choice for all types of condominium and homeowner association property maintenance.

 Mulch installation

mulchingProper mulch installation is a key for plant success! Mulch is a benefit for trees and shrubs unless it is applied incorrectly, too much mulch wastes your money and affects the plants health and growth. Plants cannot get the nutrients they need when they are over mulched, also over mulching causes rotting of bark and encourages roots to grow up closer to the surface, eventually choking out plants. We prefer to put on a thin layer of bark which will breakdown and benefit your trees and shrubs, also this method will reduce the amount of mulch you will need in the future. You will still need a good 3 inch base of mulch on all new planting beds, but all future top dressing will be applied at one inch.

Proper pruning

Proper pruningProper pruningProper tree and shrub pruning procedures is something that our team of professions specialize in at Natures Elite Landscaping, our team has had years of training and courses on the proper procedures and techniques. You can rest assured that our team will do what is best for all of your trees and shrubs, we prune the majority of our shrubs by hand, removing older deadwood or non-producing branches to encourage new vibrant growth.

Contact Natures Elite Landscaping today and have the Certified Professionals show you what your property can really look like when you have your property maintenance done by trained professionals. We are just a phone call or email away.

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