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Landscape contstructionNatures Elite Landscaping specializes in landscape construction and design to create beautiful outdoor environments. Our experience and expertise ensure the integrity of the design while providing the caliber of work our clients expect for all of their landscape construction projects.

Lawn Installation & Renovation

Installing a new lawn will give your property a complete facelift. A new lush green lawn will also add value to your property, but it must be done correctly to get a lawn that will look good for many years to come, and our team at Natures Elite Landscaping can and will get that done for you.
Whether you are renovating an existing lawn or installing a complete new lawn, the professional team at Natures Elite Landscaping can help you from start to finish in any landscape construction project. Turning your old lawn in to a lawn you can be proud of. We offer Hydro seeding or sodding, along with a wildflower mix that is available for field preservation.

Hydro Seeding Vs. Sod

Hydro Seeding Vs. SodLandscape-Construction Hydro seeding is our preferred method of lawn installation here in New Hampshire, not only is it cost effective, but it seems to produce a better lawn in the long run. Hydro seeding is great for large slopes, and helps prevent runoff. Once established it will take less to maintain a hydro seeded lawn than it would a sod lawn due to the fact that sod lawns are pampered from the time they start until the time they are cut and delivered to the job site. To keep the lawn looking like it does when it arrives, you will need to maintain it the way it was at the sod farm, and this could be a costly venture for you. The Professionals at Natures Elite Landscaping recommendation is to Hydro seed your new lawn and then care for it the way you want on your budget!

Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is the heart and soul of a good landscape design project, without these types of drainage systems in place you are setting yourself up for all kinds of problems in the future, settling and water issues around the foundation, pooling and puddling water from downspouts, rotting and decaying woodwork from water splash back. Natures Elite Landscaping is more than capable of assessing these issues and installing the proper drainage systems your property may need.
Whether you have a new house or an existing property, these drainage systems can be put in place and your worries will be over. Rain Gardens are another great choice for water issues, the existing water can be diverted to a lower area that is dugout and planted with plants that thrive in damp conditions, these low areas allow the water to seep back into the soil and re-charge the aquifers. Contact us today for a free consultation on your next drainage systems installation or landscape construction project.

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